FOB Sickels

Cliff Lacy

In an emotional dedication ceremony, Operation: Humble Trooper's FOB was renamed after Kenneth Sickels, a Marine who died serving in Iraq ten years ago.

Last night, members providing wildfire relief in Pateros, WA took part in an emotional dedication ceremony and renamed the FOB after Marine Kenneth Sickels, who died serving in Iraq nearly ten years ago. His stepfather shared this reflection: 

My name is Cliff Lacy, a USMC veteran of Vietnam, and Operation: Humble Trooper is my first deployment with Team Rubicon. My son Kenneth Sickels died in Anbar Province, Iraq on September 27, 2004. He would have been 30 years old on July 29, 2014.

I know that volunteering with Team Rubicon is something he would have wanted to do. He loved helping people, and I know in my soul he would want me here. So at the encouragement of his mother, I left home on July 30 to deploy with Team Rubicon in Pateros, WA.

Being around one’s fellow military brothers and sisters helps one know that they are not alone in how they feel, which is not knowing what to do now that they’re out of the military. Now, I’m around those who’ve served for 4 to 20+ years to help and protect people.

Team Rubicon gives us pride in serving our fellow countryman again. It gives us our self pride and purpose, which is the best feeling one can have in their heart and soul. Thanks, America, for helping us to again help others.

Cliff Lacy
USMC veteran


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