Earning the Grey Shirt in Milwaukee

Team Rubicon members from Wisconsin and Illinois convened in Milwaukee on a Saturday to assist an elderly woman whose basement was damaged after a water heater leak.

Last weekend, Region V had the opportunity to earn their grey shirt in Milwaukee, WI. The event was dubbed Service Project Bold Mold, and the team assisted an elderly woman whose water heater sprung a steam leak in the basement coating everything with mold.

While her insurance company may have refused to help out, Region V quickly answered the call. Team Rubicon showed up in force, with 17 members from Wisconsin and Illinois giving up a Saturday to remove the basement storage, conduct light demo of the home’s drywall, and clean the basement to the best of our ability.

Morning Brief - Bold Mold

The morning started with a safety brief and ensuring the crew used proper PPE (personal protective equipment). Since we know how to rock a TYVEK suit almost as well as we rock the silkies, we suited up and went to work. In the photo, you’ll notice the empty 30-yard dumpster, which was filled in just under an hour. Next, we worked some light demo and made sure we were able to clean the basement, per the homeowner’s request. We finished the afternoon with plenty of time for a social gathering, TR-style with pizza, a couple of drinks, and plenty of camaraderie.

The Group - Bold Mold

This was a great showing by our team, and as proof, a couple thank you notes from the homeowner’s daughter

“I am not sure where to begin other than to simply express my heartfelt thanks to TR who are selflessly helping my mom with keeping her home. Today, your team showed up, willing to help an elderly woman in need. I am not able to help, nor my husband either as we live out of state but you guys stepped up and offered help. My gratitude, along with my mother and siblings, can never express how thankful for your selflessness.”

 Working - Bold Mold


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