Dispatcher’s First Deployment

xPat Ross

Marine veteran Pat Ross III oversees the deployment of personnel for Team Rubicon. He recently returned from his first experience in the field providing wildfire in Washington.

“Where is home?” was a frequent question we received whilst working in Pateros, WA. The answers always surprised those who asked. We came throughout all of TR Nation and abroad, from the distant East Coast, the Regions of Division Three, and from Israel, within a few days’ notice, to aid a community of which most of us had never heard. To be among team members who believe in hard work, citizenship, and selfless service was an encouraging experience.


Region 8’s Jordon Daniel led with an indomitable spirit and turned seemingly daunting challenges into tasks easily crushed. The most humbling experience while in Washington was witnessing volunteers unhesitatingly offer to extend their deployment to keep working with the strike teams. “I can stay as long as I am needed,” and “Lots of work to do, I can stay longer,” were the most common phrases heard as we checked team members into the deployment. One of my fellow graduates of The Ohio State University, Jon Chiang, even used his vacation days to extend his stay in order to continue helping the community.


The resiliency of the community overpowered Mother Nature’s punch as local volunteers and property owners toiled alongside Team Rubicon with enthusiasm, cheer, and a relentless determination to rebuild. Despite being the slowest wheelbarrower on the team and somehow always having the cleanest shirt, it was a rewarding few days, which I too, would extend, but Roll Call was calling me back home.

Pat Ross III
USMC Veteran
National Membership Coordination, Team Rubicon

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