Caught Between Harvey and Irma

Rachel Stepp

While Rachel Stepp was serving in Texas, her hometown was declared to be in a state of emergency. Check out how her fellow Greyshirts managed to save her dog and protect her home.

There are many organizations in the world made up of members. However, here at Team Rubicon, being a member means you are more than just a number in a database. It means you are part of a bigger family that loves and cares for you deeply. This past week, I was reminded of those special relationships.

I answered the call to serve Texas after Harvey impacted the state. On September 5, I deployed on Operation Hard Hustle. Soon after my boots hit the ground in Dallas, I got news my hometown was under a state of emergency because of Hurricane Irma. We were told to prepare. I could only do so much, being so far away. My home sits in a flood zone, so there was a good chance my dog would be left alone in high and dangerous water.

Not knowing what to do, I contacted my TRibe in North Carolina. Thankfully, they quickly sprung into action. One fellow Greyshirt drove two hours to pick my labrador up. Another took him to a safe home that belonged to another TR member. Their generosity didn’t stop there though. They even dug a drainage ditch in my yard to protect my house.

As a result of their loving kindness, I was able to stay and continue to serve the Texas communities. These acts of love are what make Team Rubicon different in the best way.

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