Bringing Calm After the Storm

This weekend, I was lucky enough today to see what it’s like to have Team Rubicon come to your house and take care of business.

I’ve been a volunteer with TR for a while, and it’s been a privilege to be given to chance to deploy on relief operations. After the last few days, I see the experience in a new light.

During a snowstorm on Wednesday, a tree came to visit our roof and decided to stay for a few days. Almost immediately after posting a snap on Facebook, the support we received from TR members both far and wide was amaze-balls. After a little counseling (drinking large amounts of tea), I admitted I needed help…and also some help taking down the tree.


Region 1 threw the wheels in the motion and before I knew it, a strike team was on its way to my house early Saturday morning. The stress of the last few days dealing with insurance companies, etc. gradually disappeared as the crew started the saws and tore into work. Couple of hours later and the job was complete.


I cannot thank everyone enough – the strike team: Alycia, Brian, Dana, Jill, Keeghan, and Tom, and also all of Region 1 leadership who pushed this through. From Deanna, Kylie, Molly (the love of my life), and myself, we are forever grateful.

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