Another “Mucker” in a Crawl Space

Jonah Thompson

Why Team Rubicon might be the place for you.

A variety of definitions for a “mucker” exist. After this experience in North Carolina, I know what it means to me and I am proud to be one. Crawl spaces with duct and insulation removal has become my specialty. My prior fear of tight crawl spaces has subsided, primarily because I knew others were there for me. Why take a week’s vacation to travel to another state to work, help unknown people, and live with total strangers? If you know the answer, then Team Rubicon might be the place for you.


If you have compassion, respect, generosity, gratitude, selflessness, and a strong work ethic, Team Rubicon might be a place for you. If a hand shake, smile, hug or glimmer of hope in one’s eyes is the wage you are willing to work for, Team Rubicon might be the place for you. If you don’t mind having your clothes saturated with sweat (among other things) like never before, being sore, and getting a bruise forever on an operation, Team Rubicon might be the place for you.


Do you like to learn and laugh? Then Team Rubicon might be the right place for you. During my first deployment, Operation Seymour Action serving the community of Goldsboro, NC, I experienced a great group of individuals banning together from across the United States to assist those in need.

The generosity of the sponsors, supporters, partnering organizations, and the community reaching out to Team Rubicon, with families stopping in and serving us homemade meals reminds me of the goodness that is often overshadowed by the negative actions of others elsewhere in the world. 


I wish everyone involved in our efforts the very best life has to offer. I would be honored to be afforded the opportunity to participate in future operations with Team Rubicon. 

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