Advocate Spotlight

Read why Marine Corps veteran Keo Gathman has backed Team Rubicon since its inception.

Since the very birth of TR, our success has counted on the support of strangers to rally around our disaster responses across the globe.

One look at our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles will tell you that the support, whether it be from volunteers or simply folks cheering us on, is better than ever. As we continue to grow, we refuse to forget the path we took to get here and the people who have inspired us and pushed us further along the way. We wanted to shine the spotlight on one of those advocates and recognize Keo Gathman for her continued support to Team Rubicon.


Keo R. Gathman (top right) is a USMC veteran who’s cheered on Team Rubicon since our inception in 2010.

Where are you from?
I grew up in the Omaha, Nebraska area but have lived in Southern Wisconsin since 1986.

I am currently disabled but I do work part time as a self employed portrait artist.

Do you have any ties to the Military?
I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. My family has served in the military since the call to arms at the Old North Bridge. Several have been killed in action.


When did you first hear of TR?
I read a local article about Jake Wood’s work in Haiti and have followed Team Rubicon ever since. As a USMC veteran, volunteer service has been important to me, and I was extremely proud of that TR was building.

What makes TR worth donating to?
I have little to donate but I send what I can, when I can, because we live in a world where is it so easy to become disconnected from other people. I believe that disconnect leaves an empty space within us and TR is all about connecting people. That connection feeds the soul.

What other causes do you support?
I support local causes like a county organization that provides support to residents with cancer. I donate what I can to young artists who are crowd funding so they can attend conventions and workshops to further their careers.

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