A Promise to the Navajo

Julie H. Case

New documentary reveals how the Navajo Nation fought against—and suffered disproportionally during—the coronavirus pandemic.

They carry the language, the culture, the history, the code: they are the elders of the Navajo Nation, and the coronavirus had a devasting impact on them. Yet despite unprecedented losses, the people of the Navajo Nation have shown phenomenal resilience in the face of COVID-19. Now, a new documentary is offering a peek behind the curtain, allowing viewers to better understand how, and why, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the Nation so deeply.

Released on August 14, in honor of National Code Talkers Day, A Promise to the Navajo was produced by Team Rubicon, the disaster relief organization that partnered with the Navajo Nation and Indian Health Services to help provide medical support to the Nation during the pandemic.

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