A Different Kind of Service

Megan Kocina

Take a moment to discover why Megan Kocina believes that serving with Team Rubicon is different than serving with any other organization she has been apart of.

Chop-chop-chop. The sound of the wood chipper spread across the clearing we were working in. A little further away, sawyer teams were gearing up to get some time with the chainsaw. This project had us clearing frost-bitten trees that had been previously cut down. The owner of this property had spent her lifetime caring for veterans and their families; now it was our turn to give back to her.

Throughout my life, I have valued service. I have volunteered many places with success in each mission I accomplished. However, Team Rubicon is one of my favorite organizations to work with. The goals of each project are effective, worthwhile, and have a visible impact. The people that volunteer are friendly, driven, hardworking, and always ready to have a good time. This combination makes each project, even the little ones, an adventure.

Not only has Team Rubicon helped me grow as an individual, it has also helped me grow my community.

This organization has allowed me to meet and stay in contact with people who I would not know otherwise. Through different projects and operations, I have met new people that have become part of my support network in my everyday life. Even if I go alone to a project or operation I know that there will be people that I can connect with.

This form of service and comradery is special to Team Rubicon. I have never been able to find anything else like this in other organizations I have volunteered for. Everyone I have met always gives it their best because they want to. These people know how to work hard and play hard. I always feel heard and wanted in this organization. I would not trade this feeling for anything else. This is what makes Team Rubicon special.

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