2023 Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Year in Review

How thousands of Greyshirts served more than 28,000 individuals in 2023.

From Morocco to Milton, WA; from Niger to New Mexico, Team Rubicon’s Greyshirts delivered aid to 28,602 individuals in 2023. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at who we served, where, and what crises our Greyshirts responded to.

10,900+ Individuals Served Across the U.S.

From our first operation of the year—Team Rubicon’s response to the atmospheric river event that swamped California—to this December’s Tennessee tornado operation, Greyshirts deployed on 128 domestic operations and delivered aid to 206 communities in ’23. In all, Greyshirts assisted 10,902 individuals with everything from Hurricane Idalia cleanup in Florida to wildfire mitigation assistance in Colorado and more. 

17,650+ Individuals Assisted Internationally

From conducting training exercises in Colombia to responding to a cyclone in Malawi to serving up Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene tools and training in Morocco, 75 Greyshirts deployed on five international humanitarian aid operations this year and served 17,657 individuals in 43 communities along the way. That included seeing more than 3,300 patients and assisting more than 14,000 WASH clients.

13 Hurricane and Tropical Storm Responses

Team Rubicon started its 2023 hurricane responses by helping Puerto Rico further recover from Hurricane Fiona, then continued on to serve homeowners still recovering from Ida in Florida and then responded to Idalia there, too. Over the course of the year, Greyshirts deployed on a total of 13 hurricane and tropical storm operations. 

13 Twisted Tornado Operations

After tornadoes and severe storms swept the south on January 12, Greyshirts deployed on their first tornado response of the year that very month. That was followed by the March response to tornadoes in Mississippi, and another 10 more before closing out the year with the December Tennessee tornado operation, rounding out ’23 with 13 tornado operations on the books. 

30+ Flood Responses

From Chinle, AZ, to Detroit, hundreds of Greyshirts mucked and cleared out debris on 33 flooding operations in 2023. 

30+ Wildfire Operations

In addition to the 28 wildfire mitigation operations Team Rubicon conducted in 2023, it also assisted with wildfire recovery operations across the West, including in Hawaii, for a total of 34 wildfire-related operations in 2023. 

20+ Homes Rebuilt

Greyshirts rebuilt homes in six communities in 2023—from Selma, AL, to the Gulf Coast region, to Dawson Springs, KY—with 133 Greyshirts completing a total of 22 homes.

1,400+ Military Members Delivered Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid

A total of 1,451 military-affiliated Greyshirts deployed with Team Rubicon in ’23.

While former military members led the way—1,337 veterans deployed domestically and internationally—active duty and reserves pulled their weight: 76 active duty service members and 38 members of the Reserves and National Guard deployed on operations this year. 

5,500+ Greyshirts Served With Team Rubicon At Home and Around the World

In all, 5,526 Greyshirts deployed on at least one operation with Team Rubicon this year. That includes, in addition to the thousands who deployed domestically this year, the 75 Greyshirts who deployed internationally and 133 who served on a Rebuild.

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