2020 TRLC Award Winners – Sharon Sinklair receives ‘Greyshirt of the Year’ Award

Mike Washington

Learn about the recipients of 2020’s TRLC Award Recipients here. Congratulations to our 'Greyshirt of the Year' recipient Sharon Sinklair, serving out of the Midwest region.

Greyshirt of the Year Award– Sharon Sinklair (Midwest Territory)

“Most of my life has been spent volunteering and speaking in the non-profit world combined with my military service, and joining Team Rubicon has been an extension of that. Stepping into the volunteer leadership arena with Team Rubicon has allowed me to continue my service by helping homeowners on their worst day; but, tasking me with roles of mentorship and the. responsibility of training likeminded service oriented, kick-ass civilians, first responders, and fellow veterans. I’m honored and humbled to be able to  represent the leadership roles trusted to me. Whether in the classroom in person or virtually,  on operation, or at home working remotely I gain so much from every fellow Greyshirt I speak with or homeowner I meet.”

Sharon is such a great spirit and lives her commitment to the team. She steps in to make sure Greyshirts are deployment-ready and ready to work in the field.

Sharon is a leader and instructor for the Midwest. When COVID-19 hit she was initially sidelined due to our age precautions, however she found a way to contribute to operations. She never flinched as she stepped into new roles she never dreamed of doing. She likely single-handedly helped thousands of teammates across the organization become squared away and get deployment-ready while helping them learn the process and culture.

A quick story of how she leads by example:

She started the Corrective Action Team (CAT) which helps teammates become deployment-ready. This required Sharon to be on the phone or video chat while volunteers completed a course or figured out how to navigate Roll Call. She took volunteer leaders who could not deploy due to age or chronic illness and made them part of the CAT, giving them meaningful work while increasing the number of deployment- ready teammates. Her positivity, organizational skills, and get shit done attitude have been invaluable.

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