2020 TRLC Award Winners – Krysti Corbett-Wells Receives ‘Spirit of Service’ Award

Mike Washington

Learn about the recipients of 2020’s TRLC Award Recipients here. Congratulations to our 'Spirit of Service Award' recipient Krysti Corbett-Wells, serving out of the Northeast region.

Spirit of Service Award– Krysti Corbett-Wells (Northeast Territory)

Upon joining Team Rubicon, Krysti brought the Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax areas of Virginia to the highest levels of involvement that the state has ever seen. But she kept pressing and setting her standards and expectations higher each day.

She continues to build our team in Virginia, she recognizes when it is time to change her socks, and this level of self-awareness is vitally important in a leadership role.

Krysti is the volunteer leader we aspire to be: energetic, positive, and always looking to have our teammates involved, motivated, and ready to serve

Krysti engaged hundreds of new and seasoned Team Rubicon members as a Northern Virginia Administrator and engages every local emergency manager with a detailed TR capabilities brief and continuous community engagement.  

She is an all-around badass, and as her time as a leader ends, we look forward to seeing her in the field.

A quick note about Kristi from the field:

“Krysti lives Mission First, Greyshirts Always. A few years ago, I was in a low place where I felt that I did not want to be around. At some point, I talked to Krysti…she tried to talk me and got a hold of Elizabeth who helped me and got me into the Veteran Affairs Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Annex quicker than I would have on my own. If it wasn’t for them, I may not have been around to write this.”

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