Serving Alongside the Helfrich Family


Christa López is a longtime volunteer with Team Rubicon currently serving as the Deputy Communications Manager in Region 6. She resides in Austin, TX and works as a state and federal planner for the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

This weekend, we were on a property belonging to Keith and Raquel Helfrich. Keith is an Army Special Forces veteran of 26 years and Bronze Star recipient who retired in Bastrop County, TX two years ago. He also serves on the local volunteer fire department. Unfortunately, he and his family have been plagued by one disaster after another over the last nine months.

The family worked alongside us as we cleaned up the property damaged by the Hidden Pines Fire. When we wrapped up at the end of the day, Keith shared that he had been hesitant about us coming, since he isn’t generally comfortable with strangers.

Today was different for him; today he was with people who get it. Keith decided to join Team Rubicon as our newest recruit and will be supporting the Volunteer Reception Center later this week.

We are excited to welcome him to the TR family! With lots of smiles, hugs, and tears we left the home in strong TR fashion. I was reminded why I take time off work, leave family, and run out the door when TR calls. Today, despite being dirty, sweaty, and tired, at the end of the day I felt renewed.