Current Operations

The Value of Partnerships When Disasters Strike

Team Rubicon’s Greyshirts arrive in Omaha, Nebraska, this week to begin cleaning up the damage caused by Winter Storm Ulmer, whose high winds, heavy rainfalls and blizzards caused historic flooding throughout the state. TR’s arrival has made some Nebraska residents relieved. Amanda Brewer, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Omaha, became teary-eyed when telling me … Read More

Region 1

Saving Santa a Trip

Members in Region 1 helped serve those in need this holiday.

Region 5

Trust Your Wingman

Let’s paint a picture. I’ll supply the imagery in words; you, the imagination. Weather: a moderate 75 degrees, sunny skies, spotted with small clouds providing sporadic relief from the rays, a 20 percent chance of precipitation that never develops but brings out the wildlife, and warm, calm, crystal clear, glassy water. Now take all of … Read More

Region 9

At Stuart’s Service

There were no chainsaws or hard hats and just one scoop shovel involved, but Team Rubicon members rocked a service project for a Vietnam-era veteran in Venice, CA on Sunday afternoon. That veteran, Stuart Sarbone, served in the United States Army Quartermaster Corps and received an Army commendation for how he “revolutionized the way the … Read More