A Legacy of Courage Under Fire

In honor of Black History Month, Team Rubicon recognizes America’s Black firefighters who overcame prejudice and systemic racism to protect their communities.

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Remember Today and Serve On

The anniversary of 9/11 is always a difficult time for me as it is for most of us. As a patriotic and passionate American, it was a hard blow, but as a firefighter it seemed to strike even harder. I remember that morning well. I was getting off shift at the firehouse and was getting … Read More

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Thirteen Years Ago on This Day

Thirteen years ago today, I was 12 years old, attending my first week of school in junior high and relatively nervous about the entire endeavor. You see, I used to have a serious anxiety problem and new things were comparable to torture. So here I am, anxious from my surroundings in an awkward stage of life. … Read More