Operational Partnerships for Disaster Relief

It was a calm day in March when we sat down for burgers over lunch with representatives from Baron Weather. A technology partner of Team Rubicon, we regularly use Baron’s Threat Net and suite of products in planning for our disaster responses.

Tonight, Dan Gallagher, Public Safety Product Manager at Baron Weather is at the National Operations Center briefing our reconnaissance team on weather-related threats in the areas within the path of Hurricane Florence. Gallagher, who holds a B.S. and M.S. in Meteorology, will be with us through landfall, providing critical analysis.



It’s just one example of how our partners provide critical experience and resources when disasters strike. Team Rubicon is not in this alone. Coordination is key. We’re also not the only disaster response organization that will respond to Hurricane Florence. As a member of the National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), we’re committed to coordinate and collaborate with similar organizations to deconflict service delivery and adopt best practices.

Team Rubicon’s ultimate responsibility is to deliver services to communities affecting by disasters – that does not mean we do it all ourselves. Whether partnering with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul for our recovery in Puerto Rico or partnering with St. Bernard Project for our rebuild project in Houston, we seek opportunities to leverage the skills and experiences of our partners to increase the effectiveness of our efforts.

So thanks to our partners: for helping us, challenging us, and ultimately making us better at what we do.

Dennis Clancey
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A former U.S. Army infantry captain and Iraq veteran, Dennis Clancey joined Team Rubicon as a volunteer in 2014, responding to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes and Texas floods. In September 2015, he joined the organization full-time as the Deputy Director in charge of global disaster response.