Operations Update: Puerto Rico, Texas, and Pennsylvania

  Medical and Sawyer Teams Continue Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico Volunteers on the ground are providing medical care for vulnerable residents. For example, a patient came into the clinic with third-degree burns he’d experienced prior to Hurricane Maria. His injuries were left untreated due to the storm. Our personnel quickly discovered the wounds were … Read More

Is Team Rubicon a Household Name?

There was a time when a loved one or four would text me, “I saw Rubicon on my way to work today!” when in reality, he or she was just sharing the highway with a Jeep Rubicon. I’d write back, “Solid choice of automobile, but not affiliated with the disaster response organization I work for. … Read More

Finding My New Unit

I joined Team Rubicon because I really wanted to go back into the Army. I was medically retired in 2007 and no doctor would sign off on the paperwork to reenlist. Joining Team Rubicon is as close as I could get to reenlisting. I work with Wounded Warrior Project and Team Rubicon is a household name. … Read More