Presidents’ Day Weekend: A Call to Serve

It is time to take Presidents’ Day weekend back from retail gimmicks and overpriced family vacations. Ok, we’re not boycotting family vacations, but we challenge you to identify ways you can give back this weekend. For those of us who don’t get Monday off, use this as an opportunity to learn how you can serve on your next … Read More

Puerto Rico: Rebuilding After Maria

As Team Rubicon prepares to pilot rebuilding in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, we are extending our pilot to Puerto Rico to address the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. The destruction across Puerto Rico is difficult to fathom. Puerto Ricans – American citizens – have experienced something profound. This recent CNN article begins to paint the … Read More

Ready to Rebuild

At Team Rubicon, we boldly proclaimed we are building the best disaster response organization in the world. Since 2010, we’ve been duking it out with Mother Nature. Whether wind, water, fire, or earth, we’ve audaciously stepped into new arenas ready to serve others in the wake of disasters. There are three reasons why I am … Read More