Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Run As One

As spring starts to peek its head out from the brutal darkness of winter, we start to hear whispers around TR nation about the annual Run As One that is collectively held every April with other national veteran organizations. As many people rally the troops to start planning their local Run As One, others are … Read More

The Beginning of Team Rubicon

January 13, 2010 started for me like most mornings. After coming home from the gym, I peeled off my damp shirt and threw it in the hamper. Returning to the kitchen I took a carton of eggs out of the refrigerator and cracked them one by one into a sizzling pan on the stove. The … Read More

Leaning Into New Capabilities

New year, same mission. New year, more urgency than ever. 2018 decimated communities across America and around the world. Records were broken. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, you read the headlines. Families across the world faced these head-on. Team Rubicon (TR) is aggressively leaning into 2019. Here are a few things we’re focused on and using … Read More

Facing Challenges Head On

If you spend any time walking around the offices at Team Rubicon, or out on an operation in the field, chances are you’ll hear someone say the phrase, “Step into the Arena.” Stepping into the arena is a cultural value that TR Greyshirts have held dear since the beginning. The phrase is a nod to … Read More

When an Operation is Both Business and Personal

For Jason Fournier, Hurricane Florence’s assault on North Carolina was personal, as well as business. Fournier’s dad was a career Marine who was stationed at Camp Lejeune so Jason grew up in the Tar Heel State and he went to Richlands High School in Richlands, NC an area hit hard by Florence. Although Fournier has … Read More

Teaching Homeowners Hurricane Resilience in Puerto Rico

In an effort to make Puerto Rican homes more resilient to future hurricanes and earthquakes, Team Rubicon partnered with Mercy Corps and Build Change for a two-day workshop on December 10 and 12 to teach homeowners how to reinforce their existing homes through a variety of methods. The two-day training included a full day of theory, instruction, and discussion in a classroom, followed by a … Read More