Operations Update: Mudslides, Snowstorms, and Wildfires

We’ve been busy responding to extreme weather on both coasts. Our team is also monitoring the mudslides and flooding affecting residents in Southern California. Region IX is preparing a reconnaissance mission to see how we can support residents affected. Taking on the California Wildfires Region IX fired on all cylinders responding to the recent influx … Read More

The Net Promoter Score

While perusing Team Rubicon’s open initiative you may have noticed a new metric: the Net Promoter Score. What is it and what does it measure? BLUF: it’s a grown-up version of those “Do you like me? Yes/no” notes crushes used to pass to each other in middle school. The inclusion of this metric is an … Read More

Nothing Routine About 2017

It’s hard to believe 2017 is drawing to a close and 2018 is soon upon us. Team Rubicon has been in a sprint since January 1, 2017, and it doesn’t seem like there’s been an opportunity to let up on the gas pedal. TR is moving faster and growing at a furious clip. We’re looking … Read More