Serving in Central America: Operation Continuing Promise

In the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Team Rubicon was born on an ideal that military veterans’ and first responders’ skills and experiences could be repurposed for disaster response. Initially created as an international response organization, Team Rubicon quickly pivoted to building our domestic capacity in 2011, after identifying the need to further engage Greyshirts … Read More

TR Store: Back and Better

Welcome to the easiest way to find clothes, goods, and gear you want from Team Rubicon. We’re excited to launch the new TR store after a few months of much-needed construction. Before we dive into the bells and whistles check out these new items added to the stock.       Our goal in this … Read More

Meet the Senior Manager for the Houston Rebuild Pilot Program

Team Rubicon launched a long-term recovery pilot in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s massive impact on the Texas Gulf Coast. The organization has committed to rebuilding 100 homes by 2020. Can you describe some of the steps, hires, and training it’s taken to spin up this undertaking? Organizationally, we began preparing for our rebuilding pilot … Read More

Interested in Volunteering for Houston Rebuild? Start Here.

Following the generosity and support of our donors, Team Rubicon is extending capabilities and services into long-term recovery (LTR) for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Over a 24-month timeline, Team Rubicon is initiating a long-term recovery in the Houston area to rebuild 100 homes affected by hurricane Harvey. Houston’s Rebuild will be led by a unique partnership with SBP, Cohort 6 of the … Read More

The Support Squad: Fueling our Response

Not every disaster garners as much media attention as Hurricane Harvey or the recent California wildfires. The lack of media coverage oftentimes means a lack of funding for disaster relief. To address this concern, we’ve enlisted the Support Squad, or donors who’ve signed up for our monthly giving program. The Support Squad allows us to respond … Read More

Refining Our International Medical Capabilities

Medical response is in our DNA. It is our origin story. In the early days, we deployed action-oriented, mission-focused problems solvers in the field. And, they got shit done. We were rebellious rule-breakers. Sometimes, because rules needed breaking, other times, we didn’t know better. Over the past eight years, TR has become a major force … Read More