Team Rubicon Launches Pilot Recovery Program in the Wake of Harvey

Through the recent investment (by many of you) in Team Rubicon’s ability to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey, we are committing to rebuilding 100 homes in the Texas Gulf Coast. Some might think this endeavor is a bit of a drop in the bucket against the needs of the more than 100,000+ families affected … Read More

Operations Update: Puerto Rico, Texas, and Pennsylvania

  Medical and Sawyer Teams Continue Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico Volunteers on the ground are providing medical care for vulnerable residents. For example, a patient came into the clinic with third-degree burns he’d experienced prior to Hurricane Maria. His injuries were left untreated due to the storm. Our personnel quickly discovered the wounds were … Read More

Is Team Rubicon a Household Name?

There was a time when a loved one or four would text me, “I saw Rubicon on my way to work today!” when in reality, he or she was just sharing the highway with a Jeep Rubicon. I’d write back, “Solid choice of automobile, but not affiliated with the disaster response organization I work for. … Read More