For Their Country, Veterans Go From Battledress to Grey Shirts

There is no must. There is no requirement to serve. In the United States, service is voluntary. Men and women sign up for the military. Fundamentally, they volunteer their time, their bodies, their minds. Sure, they get paid, but there’s more to it than that. Here, service is not compulsory, it’s a choice.  Perhaps that’s … Read More


  Veterans Day is one of the holidays that means something more to all of us at Team Rubicon. We respond when disaster strikes at home and abroad, and we do so with a volunteer force made up of mostly military veterans. So, first and foremost, thank you to each generation of service men and … Read More

To Withstand Hurricanes a Home Goes Gold

When Team Rubicon hands the keys to a home on Houston’s Tampa Street back to the owner next Friday, they’ll be turning over gold. The house, which Team Rubicon rebuilt following damage from Hurricane Harvey, is the first home in Texas to earn a Fortified Hurricane Gold certification. Developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home … Read More

Building New Standards of Resilience

Hurricane Harvey may have brought devastation to Houston, Texas, but the corresponding relief and rebuild response has also delivered the opportunity to learn how to build prepared—even before a future hurricane is even on the radar. This summer, Team Rubicon stepped onto the front lines of homebuilding, adopting a new model for building stronger, more disaster-resilient homes. In June, Team Rubicon began its first Fortified-certified retrofit of a house on Houston’s Tampa Street. Developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home … Read More

Big News From the Clay Hunt Fellows Program

The CHFP is rerouting its course to simplify and grow.   We’re talking about a fellowship with a mission to challenge veterans who respond to disasters—yeah, that sounds like an easy task. Team Rubicon’s Clay Hunt Fellows Program (CHFP), launched in 2012, is named in honor of original Greyshirt and Marine Corps veteran, Clay Hunt … Read More

Greyshirt Helps Write Team Rubicon Into Ohio Law

In July, the state of Ohio passed a new budget, and with it signed new language into the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) to include Team Rubicon as a state-recognized disaster relief organization. The change came about because of the work of Greyshirt Anthony Cable, an Ohio-based police officer. Last year, Cable served in the Carolinas … Read More