Team Rubicon Passes Home Rebuild Milestone in Houston

The following statement may be attributed to David Burke, Team Rubicon Vice President of Programs & Field Operations, in regard to the organization completing its 50th of 100 homes to be rebuilt as part of its long-term recovery efforts in Houston, Texas.

“After three months of Hurricane Harvey operations, we saw so many families in need of additional services that we did something that had been on our strategic plan for four years. We launched a home rebuild pilot to put more families back in safe, stable homes.

“Through the hard work of our team and great support from our partners, we’ve seen huge progress rebuilding homes with teams of volunteers. And, the Houston Rebuild pilot has become the centerpiece of our entire rebuild program, which has helped provide long-term recovery services for communities in Florida and Puerto Rico.

“Looking ahead, Team Rubicon is working to ‘scale down’ rebuild to support families and communities affected by storms that never reach the national news cycle, weather incidents that are more regularly being referred to as low attention disasters.”