Team Rubicon Launching Mission to Assist Republic of the Marshall Islands with Dengue Fever Outbreak

DALLAS (November 25, 2019) – Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, is launching a mission to support efforts in the Republic of the Marshall Islands to contain a Dengue Fever Outbreak. Team Rubicon’s medical team will backstop the Dengue Fever Ward at Majuro Hospital.

To help support immediate and emerging healthcare needs, the organization is deploying a medical team to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Working in coordination with the Ministry of Health and coordinated through the World Health Organization (WHO), Team Rubicon’s volunteers will be working to help stabilize the situation by providing clinic-based medical support.”

“This dengue fever outbreak began in June and has now reached over 1,000 cases,” said William Porter, Deputy Director of Operations Support. “Of this total, some 390 cases were laboratory confirmed. We’re uniquely equipped to provide the medical support services to the existing medical infrastructure to help augment the response.”

“Our teams are moving into the Marshall Islands to assist in the treatment of this Dengue outbreak as quickly as possible,” said Jake Wood, Co-Founder, and CEO.

A health emergency was declared on August 6 in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The government has made tremendous gains while working to contain the spread. To date, there have been 1,165 reported cases of Dengue on the RMI, 393 are confirmed, most are pediatric. There has been one death. There have been 88 new reported cases near the capital city of Majuro.

Team Rubicon boasts a 100,000-strong, highly skilled volunteer force that helps communities prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Since its inception following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Team Rubicon has responded to over 400 disasters, including Hurricanes Dorian, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, and Michael in the U.S. as well as Cyclones Idai, and Kenneth in Mozambique.

Through a robust communications infrastructure supported by cutting-edge technological solutions, Team Rubicon volunteers efficiently and effectively respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crises to provide crucial support to affected communities. By allowing military veteran volunteers to continue their service through disaster response, Team Rubicon provides them an avenue to gain a renewed sense of purpose, community, and identity.