When Life is Good, Service Makes It Better

Matthew Heron

US Coast Guard veteran Matthew Heron reflects on using service with Team Rubicon to fill a gap left after leaving the military.

Perhaps you are like me. Your blessings are many. You are married to a better soul; the mother or father to your children, for whom you would do anything. You spend as much of your time as possible supporting your family’s growth through school, activities, pulling together meals, bedtime stories, midnight diapers, and prayer.

You are fortunate to have a job to help support your family; even better, you are surrounded by people who challenge you to be better. Maybe you even find time once in a while to go for a run, catch a movie, do deadlifts, or yoga.

Still, there’s a gap. Perhaps you feel a pull. Perhaps one day some time ago you signed a blank check, put on a uniform, and got shipped off somewhere for any one of many reasons. Took the uniform off, and then found Team Rubicon to fill a void left from leaving the service.

I just completed my first deployment with Team Rubicon. The last time I deployed to a natural disaster was in uniform to Gulfport, MS, the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a category three hurricane. Concrete steps lead to nothing. Boats were on top of houses. Lives were devastated and lost. People came from near and far, uniformed and civilian, and got to work to help a community recover.

Sound familiar to long time Greyshirts? For me, now it does.

Common purpose and shared sacrifice for the benefit of others is what Team Rubicon does. It’s what makes this country, that we are so fortunate to live in and serve, great.

Operation Valley Run spun up in less than 72 hours to help the people of Beulah, CO. Way too much rain came down, in way too short of a time, on way too burned of a landscape from previous wildfires. If four feet of snow in May in Northern Colorado jacks up your previously planned operation, what do you do? Head south, find another. Many kick-ass civilians and veterans answered the call to serve and got shit done. We sawed, hucked, and mucked and made firewood and life-long friends.

I learned that there will always be another call and TR will always answer.

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