Training Served Hot: MOBEX Trigger

Region VII is hosting a mobilization exercise to provide members with critical disaster response training.

When we’re not responding to disasters, we’re practicing, training, and fine-tuning, and we’ve got a big opportunity for our members to sharpen their skills in Omaha starting next month. Who’s in?

Region VII is hosting MOBEX (short for Mobilization Exercise) Trigger March 31 – April 3 in Omaha, Nebraska to hone our skills and allow more members to learn what it takes to manage or support an operation.


MOBEX Trigger is a large, regional exercise to provide training for Team Rubicon members. While we’re no strangers to OTJ (on-the-job) training, we’d prefer you join us and learn what it takes to launch and conduct an operation before it hits the fan.

We’ll be providing training on damage assessments, sawyer operations, expedient homes repairs, basic strike team skills, command and general staff, and more. Lodging’s covered too.

Mobilization Paperwork Training

This training event will be held March 28-31 and performed remotely so members can learn the process and paperwork that leads up to spinning up an operation with Team Rubicon. Sign up here.


Right Seat Ride 

Members who’ve completed Module 1, Background Check, ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 are invited to Omaha, NE April 1-3 for an opportunity to participate in a command role during an operation. Sign up here.


Strike Team Training

Members who need some hands-on training with a desire to understand the evolution of a deployment are recommended to attend this course April 2-3 in Omaha. During this exercise, members will learn how to conduct a proper assessment, what expedient home repair entails, how to properly perform interior demolitions, and our sawyer-certified members will get some trigger time on the saws. Sign up here.

34 members deployed to Bastrop, TX in the wake of the Hidden Pines Fire.

Chainsaw Operator 1

Bred to wield a chainsaw? Sign up to slay some lumber in Omaha on April 2-3.


Stil have questions? Email our Region VII team

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