Train Like We Fight: MOBEX Motor City

Region V is hosting a mobilization exercise in Detroit to train members on a variety of skills necessary for disaster response.

We train like we fight, so when we’re not in the field, we head to the batting cage to perfect our swing. Team Rubicon is partnering with Motor City Blight Busters to help clean up the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit. This training opportunity on steroids is called MOBEX (Mobilization Exercise) Motor City and will be held May 11-16. Members will clear multiple city blocks of debris and urban blight while learning how to conduct damage assessments, safe chainsaw operations, heavy equipment operations, and more.

Region V is hosting and you’re invited. Training, lodging, meals, and a Tigers game are covered. All you have to do is get there. Check out the opportunities below:

Damage Assessment Training

Get the skinny on conducting damage assessments, interacting with homeowners, and submitting work orders in the wake of a disaster. Sign up for May 11.


Chainsaw Training

Bred to wield a chainsaw? Sign up to slay some lumber in Detroit on May 11-12, 13-14, or 15-16.


Command and General Staff Training

We need seasoned, experienced leaders to help bring calm to chaos. If you’re itching to take a lead role during operations, sign up for training May 11-13 or May 13-16.


Heavy Equipment Training

Time to bring in the heavies. Learn how to safely operate some serious machinery in the field on May 12-13 or May 15-16.


Strike Team Work

If you’re in the business of sweating through that grey shirt, we’ll need your help with the heavy lifting. Sign up to serve on a strike team May 12-16.


Still have questions? Email our Region V team

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