The Support Squad: Fueling our Response

Not every disaster garners as much media attention as Hurricane Harvey or the recent California wildfires. The lack of media coverage oftentimes means a lack of funding for disaster relief. To address this concern, we’ve enlisted the Support Squad, or donors who’ve signed up for our monthly giving program.

The Support Squad allows us to respond to smaller disasters that remain out of the public eye, and therefore don’t always receive enough restricted donations to cover the cost of a response. Having guaranteed unrestricted revenue allows us to make up the difference whether we’re responding to a smaller flood in rural Ohio or Hurricane Maria. 



When you join the Support Squad, there’s a couple perks associated with the status: an exclusive T-shirt, personalized emails to show the impact of your monthly donations, along with a dedicated point of contact on staff you can reach out to anytime.

Still not convinced? Well, we asked current Support Squad members to answer, “Why are you a member?” Some feedback:

  • “Supporting Team Rubicon is a win-win. I love being able to support our veterans, and at the same time, assist those facing hardships after a disaster. Plus, the transparency of Team Rubicon assures me that my donations are being put to good use.” – Amanda Toepel
  • “Two reasons: first, because they assist people in desperate circumstances with hard work that matters. Second, because Team Rubicon values the wealth of experience that veterans have and provide meaningful ways to once again serve the people of this country.” – Bridget McCort
  • Team Rubicon brings together two of my passions – veterans and disaster relief. I appreciate that TR is able to mobilize quickly and efficiently, and is able to work directly with people who need assistance while recovering from a disaster.” – Holly Doggett


When we have a guaranteed source of unrestricted funds, we don’t have to wait when a community needs our help. Allow us to respond to disasters without delay. Join the Support Squad and help us get boots on the ground as quickly as possible. 

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