Team Rubicon Welcomes Another Wave of Chainsaw Instructors

Team Rubicon adds 25 new instructors to its chainsaw-wielding cadre.

From March 17-19, the chainsaw-wielding champs pictured above crushed our latest Train-the-Trainer course in Eureka, Missouri, at Camp Wyman. These 25 volunteers will provide chainsaw instruction to members across the country, so Team Rubicon can continue to safely squash disaster debris.

Nine of these men and women walked away as certified instructors, while 16 will tackle follow-up action plans before they get to teaching fellow Greyshirts how to safely generate saw glitter. Currently, Team Rubicon boasts 56 chainsaw instructors who’ve helped certify 558 operators. Expect this number to surge as our instructor cadre continues to expand.

If you’re interested in becoming sawyer certified with Team Rubicon, check out these resources:

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