Stuck on Serving

Air Force veteran Brianne Richter is addicted to serving with Team Rubicon and is currently not seeking a remedy.

Many of us in Team Rubicon joke about this organization being an addiction. I found this to be true after my first deployment in Wyoming, Michigan.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a man who addressed me by name. I wondered how he matched my face to my name. Did he have pictures? Did I arrive a day early or a day late? When I was introduced to my team members, I quickly realized why I could have been the only “Brianne.” Everyone else was a few inches taller and their hair was quite a bit shorter. At first, I was a little intimidated being the only female on the operation but within a few hours, I didn’t even notice.


Brianne first deployed on Operation: Honor Walk in July 2014 where she kicked ass alongside her TR peers and local residents of Wyoming, MI after a tornado touched down in the community.

I had such an amazing experience with Team Rubicon, as the people I worked alongside are some of the best I will ever meet. I must have talked about it for a week straight after I returned home. I immediately started looking for other ways I could get involved and decided to apply for a State Membership position and currently serve in this role.


Today, Brianne serves on the Region 5 leadership team to support current and prospective TR members.

I love everything about this organization. I am constantly learning something new. Most of the people I have met through TR are not people I would encounter otherwise, and I just feel grateful to serve alongside them.

Volunteering with Team Rubicon is an addiction, but there aren’t any negative side effects. If you haven’t already, join the team today!

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