Situation Report: Dozens of Residents Rescued

Dennis Clancey

Team Rubicon water rescue operations continue. Get the latest.

Three Team Rubicon water rescue teams are currently on the ground in Houston providing support to residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. Volunteers rescued 39 residents on Tuesday. Three additional boat teams remain on standby at the National Operations Center, and rescue operations are expected to continue for the next 2-3 days. 

Our teams are working to orchestrate helicopter support to identify areas of Houston with stranded residents. Personnel on the ground are in coordination and being tracked by those at our National Operations Center (NOC) in Dallas, as it is our top priority to maintain the safety of our teams downrange. 

An additional 15 volunteers have been dispatched to provide logistical support at the NOC, as well as six local volunteers to conduct reconnaissance to aid rescue operations in the Houston area. 

The bulk of Team Rubicon’s work lies in the weeks and months ahead. We anticipate sending hundreds of trained volunteers to support the Houston-area communities with the significant clean-up that lies ahead.

How can you support the mission? Sign up to volunteer with the team or make a donation to support those in the field.

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