Serving One of Our Own

Jonah Thompson

Marine veteran Chris Wells shares his small-world story while serving in West Virginia.

The first day of Operation Country Roads had a greater impact on me and my role within Team Rubicon than I ever expected. After assessing damages all day, we were approached by a homeowner who said his neighbor wanted to talk to us. A lady came out and enthusiastically greeted us with a smile and told us what an honor it was to finally meet us.

Operation Country Roads

She introduced herself as Berty Wall and said her son Josh was a Marine with 2/7 who served with Clay Hunt and Jake Wood. This changed everything. We were not only here serving the local community, we were serving each other and one of our own. Just as we will always remember the impact that Clay had on the world and TR, this experience will forever be imprinted in my mind on the impact TR has on the people and communities we serve.

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