Presenting the Flag to the Phelps

Jonah Thompson

Army veteran Merissa Morgan recounts serving the Phelps family who lost their home in a tornado that struck Glenn Heights on Dec. 26.

Many will walk past the American flag and not really pay much attention. During a disaster, you will often find she takes on a different meaning. You will find wet, dirty flags recovered and proudly displayed. This means they survived, maybe dirty, tattered, and faded, but they are still standing. 

This week I had the pleasure of working with the Phelps family, who lost their home in the storm and respect and love the flag just as much as us veterans. Mr. Phelps serves with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. Every flag they found they have prominently displayed. It makes me proud to have had the pleasure of serving someone who loves the flag that’s been draped over so many of our extended family. Today, I had the opportunity to present a new flag to them, which brought the wife to tears and brought on my favorite form of payment…a hug. 

Mrs. Phelps was presented with an American flag by Army veteran Merissa Morgan on Operation: Bankhead Blitz.

Lisa Phelps was presented with an American flag by Army veteran Merissa Morgan on Operation: Bankhead Blitz.

I received the following note from Lisa Phelps shortly after our moment:

“Merissa with Team Rubicon presented us with the flag that has flown over their command post during Operation: Bankhead Blitz. They also asked if they could have the flag that has been flying in our front yard since Sunday and we were more than pleased to share it with them. This is an amazing group of veterans and first responders who volunteer their time to help families affected by disasters. Merissa is an Army veteran who I now consider as a new friend and she gives the best hugs!!!”

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