Operations Update: Mudslides, Snowstorms, and Wildfires

Dennis Clancey

We’ve been busy responding to extreme weather on both coasts. Our team is also monitoring the mudslides and flooding affecting residents in Southern California. Region IX is preparing a reconnaissance mission to see how we can support residents affected.

Taking on the California Wildfires

Region IX fired on all cylinders responding to the recent influx of wildfires in California. Volunteers spent the last few weeks responding to the Creek Fire, Thomas Fire, Detwiler Fire, and Lilac Fire that have collectively destroyed over 250,000 acres and 8,400 structures.

Over 30 volunteers logged nearly 1,000 hours providing sawyer and debris removal services. Fifty-three additional volunteers responded in San Diego County to support six families affected by the Lilac Fire.

Region IX volunteers remove debris from the Lilac Fire in San Diego County, CA.

Volunteers Battle Record Snowfall

On December 24, a lake-effect snowstorm dumped over four feet of snow across Erie County, PA. Forty-three Region III volunteers sprung into action providing damage assessments and snow removal services. They’ve already served over 300 residents.

After Winter Storm Grayson dumped over a foot of snow on Providence, RI, 14 Region I volunteers did what they do best and set off to help residents affected. Volunteers deployed on a day-long operation to complete snow removal services for residents.

Volunteers battled freezing temps to help vulnerable residents in Erie, PA.

We’re always looking for military veterans, first responders, and kickass civilians to join us and deploy on domestic and international disaster operations. If you’re committed to serving those in need, there’s a spot for you on the team. Sign up to volunteer.

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