Operation: Valley Sweep – Personal Reflection from Firefighter Jeremy Frazier

Jeremy Frazier

This is my second deployment with Team Rubicon Region X. As a civilian and a firefighter, I am always surprised with the ease at which TR moves through red tape in the pursuit of their missions. The very same hurdles that bog down other aid groups, causing their response to be inadequate or at best just too late.

On the ground our leadership is clear about the scope and objectives in our mission. Moreover, they are flexible with the changing situation. When a neighbor sees us helping clear a house and asks if we can help him also, our answer can be a simple “yes” and even better, the choice is ours to make on the ground. After all, that is why we are there… to help. It is this use of autonomous teams under strong leadership that enable us to leave a deployment knowing without a doubt we have helped. I doubt a person with a flooded basement wants to hear about rules made by people in an office far from there. They just want help. Help we are free to give that without restriction.

I have been with other aid groups and in my experience TR is the best, if not the only group doing this. I know when I deploy with them that I am supported by competent leaders from headquarters to team leaders. I know objectives are in place and the means to accomplish them are on the way or waiting for us. But what is truly unique about this veteran lead group is that you can gather a team from three different states from various background and within moments, they will form into a team. There is a  true brotherhood and a dedication to serve. You will find this in very few places, namely fire departments, police departments, the four branches of the military, and Team Rubicon.

It has been a great pleasure to serve with these men and women I will not hesitate to go into the field with TR again.

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