Operation: North Wind – Reflection from Army Veteran Jeff Alberts

Jeff Alberts

Today was a great day for Team Rubicon Alaska; it was our first mission in support of our local community. You have to live here to understand, but we Alaskans are very self sufficient and very proud to be so. However; the call came from the AKVOAD (who just learned of our team this past week) that people needed help with debris removal after a severe windstorm. Without hesitation TR answered the call, despite limited resources and organization. Six members were able to plan, consolidate, and execute the mission request within 36 hours of notification. The process was, in my opinion, very streamlined and easy to work within. The Region X and HQ elements were 100% supportive of the mission and allowed the local CoC to work the situation with no interference. They offered nothing but counsel and support and were great at walking our inexperienced element through the steps to be successful.

As for the execution of the first missions I am very proud to be the Team Leader for this great group of veterans. The team immediately clicked and worked together well. We all knew what the mission was and who our customer was. The people that we served today were all ecstatic that we were there to help. One woman who needed help was a single mother with two disabled children. She was very kind and inquisitive as to what Team Rubicon was. As I explained our mission statement and vision she began to cry and said “you all have already done so much for us and you just keep on giving… amazing, simply amazing. I have never been more proud to be an Alaskan or an American”. That is all the team needed.

We knew that despite the rain and building wind we were making a difference. Six people in the largest state in our union made a difference today, and we are all better for it.

Jeff Alberts
US Army / Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG)

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