Miss Marianne Shows Team Rubicon Some Midwest Hospitality

Jonah Thompson

Volunteers with Team Rubicon were humbled to serve Marianne Wormley of McHenry, IL, in the wake of unprecedented flooding.

Hundreds of homeowners across Illinois and Wisconsin experienced unprecedented flooding in July. Volunteers with Team Rubicon cycled through week-long deployments on Operation Fox Yeah to provide some relief to residents who needed the extra muscle and motivation to begin the recovery process.

Homeowners like Marianne Wormley of McHenry, IL, who’s lived near the Fox River for over 40 years and endured the floods of 2008 and 2013. This year, her basement suffered the bulk of the damage, and she was fearful of what laid behind the tile and paneling just one story below where she prepared meals and rested her head.

Strike Team Alpha wasn’t phased. After recognizing Marianne was a bit distraught with the task at hand, they walked her through the muck out process, gave her space to sort out her keepsakes, and the pry-barring and sledge-hammering ensued. Over the course of two days, volunteers helped get Marianne’s basement back to its bare bones, ready for a contractor to restore the space.

Strike Team Alpha left Marianne Wormley’s home after filling a 40-foot dumpster with flood debris from her basement.

The team also witnessed a sense of relief and gratitude within Marianne. Maybe it was the endless hugs she issued just before they departed, the unnecessary thank you note and gift cards she presented to the strike team leader, or the 24-pack of suds she delivered to the forward operating base that night. And then came the email:

“Oh my. Where do I ever begin describing this organization, much less the people that are connected to it?! At first when I initially signed up for assistance, did I ever imagine the process nor the outcome of my request. It all began by signing up on July 15 to make the request to Team Rubicon. Home Depot was involved big time, and my respect goes to the store manager, Geri Quirk, for getting so deeply involved with this project! You truly are one amazing, sensitive individual showing care and concern for your community.  

My heart was so moved by TR, but to hug and recognize each one of these spirited individuals is so small. They stand up bigger than life itself without ever wanting to be noticed. This group, some of the most caring people I know,were my angels in disguise, no doubt. If they didn’t have to go, I’d still be hugging them tight! To Roberto, Bobbi, Jeff, Ryan, Aussie, and Steve – you were my prayers answered!”

Miss Marianne – it was our absolute honor to serve you and your neighbors in McHenry. Thank you for your hospitality and follow up. You may not have recognized it during our visit, but you’re helping us too.

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