Latest on Hurricane Relief and California Wildfires

Team Rubicon is monitoring the wildfires across California while conducting hurricane relief in multiple communities. Get the latest.

Team Rubicon is responding and planning for several disaster response operations. Below is a summary of our current efforts.

Monitoring California Wildfires

Since Oct. 8, more than 15 wildfires have destroyed 220,000 acres and 5,700 structures in California. Team Rubicon is monitoring their path while liaising with government partners to learn how we can support survivors. Through our partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), TR volunteers have deployed with the BLM to support the firefighting effort.

Our volunteers are ready to respond when evacuation orders are lifted, and the Region IX leadership team is actively assessing how Team Rubicon can deliver impact.

Field Medical Operations Wrap Up in Dominica

Two waves of personnel provided medical care for residents affected by Hurricane Maria. The first wave deployed on Sept. 25 to conduct needs assessments and provide care throughout the island before focusing on the Saint Joseph Parish, as assigned by the established health cluster.

The second wave operated out of a temporary health clinic in the towns of Coulibistre and Belles, treating a total of 101 patients during the deployment. Operation Sisserou Summons wraps up this weekend, as members return home.

Hurricane Relief Operations Continue in Puerto Rico

Team Rubicon continues to conduct needs assessments, medical operations, and debris management on the island of Puerto Rico. Centered out of the northwestern town of Isabella, our team has established a clinic adjacent to the supply distribution point.

Not far away at Lake Guanataca, a team of sawyers completed a demanding, multi-day mission to clear blockages along a canal that transports water to a treatment plant that provides clean drinking water for up to 350,000 residents. In total, 34 volunteers have deployed and operations are expected to continue for at least another two weeks.

Over 800 Homes Serviced in the Wake of Harvey

Currently, 228 Greyshirts are on the ground providing relief in six distinct areas across Texas. Teams are conducting chainsaw, heavy equipment, muck out, and debris management operations for the affected communities. Since the launch of this operation, 1,835 volunteers have deployed, logging over 93,000 hours while serving over 800 families who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Furthermore, TR is partnering with SBP to roll out a pilot mold mitigation program and train our volunteers currently in Texas. Our teams will work to prevent mold from resurfacing before the reconstruction phase begins. While the response phase of our Harvey operation will run through October, TR is committed to helping these communities recover for the next two years.

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