Introducing the New Clay Hunt Fellows Program Logo

In 2011, Team Rubicon decided to honor how early-Greyshirt and Marine Corps veteran Clay Hunt committed his life to serving others by creating the Clay Hunt Fellows Program. Since then, the Program has evolved and grown in countless ways, including to more than 150 Fellows graduated.

After a decade of service, and as the Program looks to add to its 18 cohorts, it was time to evaluate the CHFP brand. We wanted to ensure we were holding true to Clay’s vision of continuing to serve, and to the Program’s mission of helping veterans become better, more authentic leaders.

When looking at how we wanted to rebrand the CHFP, there were a few crucial elements we wanted to highlight:

The Fellows Program creates authentic leaders. Just as we all have our unique strengths, the journey each Fellow takes towards self-discovery and growth is their path.

We equip veterans with tools to understand their purpose and identity out of uniform, for a life of continued service.

We’re a community of veterans who find ways to continually serve their communities, whether through traditional or atypical forms.

We challenge ourselves, our fellow alumni, and our communities to look within and discover their strengths.

We uphold and model the cultural values of Team Rubicon.

We carry on Clay’s legacy of service to others.

Visually, we had several points of inspiration for our new logo.

A journey: that isn’t always easy or linear to follow.

A chevron: in reference to our military heritage.

The mountains: where Clay went for inspiration and a metaphor for the challenges in our lives we strive to overcome.

A direction: because we all have a purpose in life.

We are excited to rebrand the CHFP with our new logo, a brandmark inspired by Clay’s legacy of service, that shares our vision for creating authentic leaders, and which represents the community of veterans who make the Program special.

Interested in learning more or applying to the Clay Hunt Fellows Program? Applications are now open for Base Camp 8. 

Special thanks to Zach VanCamp

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