Hurricane Season is Approaching, Do You Have Bread and Milk?

Bread and milk. Bread and milk…gotta get the bread and milk. Flashlights too. How many times have we all watched a crazed public—always at the last minute—raid the supermarket in the face of an impending storm?

It’s easy to laugh at this behavior. Yet having been in the disaster game for many years, I also want to slap these folks in the back of their heads. Why? Because being prepared isn’t rocket science and it makes a first responder’s job easier.

With the Atlantic Hurricane Season on our doorstep (June 1 to Nov. 30), right now is a great time to get ready. Even if you don’t live along the coast, the same principles apply to severe storms, wildfires, floods … heck, even the zombie attack some of the kooks are waiting for.

Being prepared boils down to three steps: Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. In a nutshell, this means to have emergency supplies on hand; know where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency; and be aware of what the threats are in your area, and how to receive information from local officials. Detailed checklists are available at

Now speaking of supplies, I want all of you to FORGET the milk and bread. After all, without electricity that milk is going to spoil, and during a disaster you’re going to need more than carbs to keep you going.

Disaster relief operations require more than snacks. Enter MREs or Meals Raedy to Eat.

Our team relies on more than snacks when responding to disasters. Enter MREs.

Here’s a better option: Meals Ready to Eat, aka, MREs. For those who’ve never had them, they’re the same type of meals used by the military in the field, and for good reason:

  • They are precooked and have a high caloric value (roughly 1,300 in each meal).
  • MREs have a five-year shelf life. They are water and impact resistant, self-heating, and hermetically sealed against pests.
  • Built-in practicality: Every MRE come with a flameless ration heater, which means you can enjoy a nice warm meal without boiling water or firing up that easy-bake oven.
  • One case of MREs can easily fit in car trunk, small boat, filing cabinet, basement, or (when removed from case) hiking backpack.

At Team Rubicon, we understand the value of MREs and we partner with Meal Kit Supply to keep our workhorses fueled in the field. Check them out and plan on having at least one week’s worth of MREs on hand at all times, which is one case per person.


Some moto: Meal Kit Supply is offering a 10-percent discount for Hurricane Preparedness Week, on either the 6 pack of 2 course MREs or 12 case of 3 course MREs. Grab yours using promo code NOMNOM.

Hopefully you’ll never need them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some disasters come with little warning. Plus, you really don’t want to be that guy.

Written by Team Rubicon Public Affairs Officer Sam Kille

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