Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Run As One

Lisa Smith

As spring starts to peek its head out from the brutal darkness of winter, we start to hear whispers around TR nation about the annual Run As One that is collectively held every April with other national veteran organizations. As many people rally the troops to start planning their local Run As One, others are asking, what is it all about?

Well, ask no more!

Run As One is one of the most unique 5k events I have ever experienced. It not just one run, its all of us, running together, in solidarity and support. Last year we had over 170 locations all collectively running with people representing the span of veteran organizations across the country.

But Why Run As One?

One word. Community.

Oddly enough, Run As One wasn’t started in Denver or LA. In fact, it started in Sudan. Yes, Sudan. In 2012, Team Rubicon members engaging with two hostile tribes in the area, in an attempt to bring them together, hosted a run in which both tribes participated. It was a glowing success.



Later, one of the original members of Team Rubicon, Clay Hunt, passed away. Clay was an avid serviceman and community member that believed his fellow veterans should continue to serve their community, even after their time in the military concluded. In an effort to strengthen the bonds within our veteran community and honor Clay, Run As One grew and flourished.

Each year, thousands of veterans, families, and supporters across the nation (and world) gather for this free run to show everyone how strong we are and to show that our community can and will thrive, together. Team Rubicon, Team RWB, The Mission Continues, Wounded Warrior Project, The Travis Manion Foundation, Student Veterans of America, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and many other veteran organizations join in on this run, showing their support and camaraderie within the ranks.



Joining The Ranks

There is something just so amazing about being a part of something bigger than yourself. We all feel that way when we step onto our first disaster response operation with TR and witness a sea of volunteers responding to a disaster.

Run As One is a different kind of collective unity that just leaves you inspired. This run shows me how big of a “family” I have outside of my TR family. I know I can turn to the person running next to me and ask for help and 20 people will stop to help. It’s that type of community that you don’t find often and you want to grab it and never let go. Seeing people across the organizations coming together just warms your heart and you can’t wait to join again the following year.

Come run with us. Sign up today.

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