Helping Veterans Find Themselves Through Service

“You take off the uniform and you lose a little of yourself.”

This is what Marine veteran, Greyshirt, and our Deputy Director of Operations in the Northeast, Jon Connors says he experienced after retiring from the military. Luckily, he found Team Rubicon. When he volunteered in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he came across many men and women that shared a similar mindset and had found a new path to continue their service for others. As well, he discovered an environment where he could put to use the skills and training he had gained in the military. Today, Jon is helping other veterans find a renewed mission and identity while coordinating relief efforts in one of our most active regions.

Recently, he went on Fox and Friends during their 12 Days of Giving to share his experiences and talk about why veterans make great disaster responders. Watch now to hear more about his story, what his favorite part of the job is, and what Built to Serve means to him. Thanks again to Fox and Friends for having him on and helping to share our mission.


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