Get to Know Region 7 Administrator Carol McCoy

Tell us about your new role as Region 7’s Administrator and previous positions you’ve held with TR.
I’ve only been in the role for a week, so I’m still figuring it out! Essentially, I’m responsible for regional development, focusing the efforts of regional managers and state coordinators to ensure we accomplish our goals as an organization. Think of it as corralling the regional troops and fostering awesomeness.

Prior to being named administrator, I served as Region 7‘s Personnel & Training Director in October 2012, and when that position was eliminated, I was assigned as Region 7’s Resources Manager in April 2013.

What are your big priorities for the upcoming year?
We have an amazing regional team and it’s important to preserve all that good stuff going forward. My first priority is ensuring the stability of the region. We’re looking for the the right people to fill our vacant billets, which includes Region Planning Manager, Region Resources Manager, and District Liaisons for Program Operations.

New volunteers join TR every day. How did you first become involved in TR?
I heard about Team Rubicon in September of 2011 through the Student Veterans Association at Johnson County Community College. I signed up,and went on my first deployment on Leap Day 2012. Cal Verdin was my team leader, so you can blame it all on Cal!

Tell us about your civilian and military background and the experiences you’re finding useful.
I spent  6 years on active duty in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps (and for those who deployed to Operation: Lost Woods with us, yes, I did hold a secondary MOS of 94B) followed by 15 years in law enforcement. I became involved with crime mapping and analysis back in the early 90s and caught the mapping geek bug. I’ve worked for local governments since 1988 in one role or another and understanding their processes and needs, coupled with civilian law enforcement roles and leadership skills developed in the Army, has proven to be a valuable experience in working with Team Rubicon.

What about Team Rubicon gets you motivated to keep working so hard?
The volunteers, hands-down. Those who know me have heard me reference this quote before – Joe Galloway from We Were Soldiers Once: ““They went to war because their country ordered them to. But in the end, they fought not for their country or their flag, they fought for each other.”

Interview conducted by Region 7 communications manager Chris Ryan

Army veteran Carol McCoy brings spunk, smarts, and roughly 15 years of law enforcement experience to her role as Region 7 Administrator.

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