Finding the Trifecta

Volunteering is a duality of service. When we serve others, we serve ourselves. I’ve volunteered throughout my adult life and for multiple organizations. Today was a little different. As a volunteer for Team Red, White & Blue and Team Rubicon’s Paint the Town in Boise, Idaho, I discovered another element of volunteering.

Projects like Paint the Town bring the element of serving others and serving oneself. Furthermore, Team RWB and TR do it all in the name of serving the United States veteran – the trifecta.

10421114_1433146530288418_567283091530390357_nI had a different kind of pride as a volunteer. It brought me back to my time in the service, as I was surrounded by a lot of different personalities, but we all shared a love of service, our country, and mankind.

Every service man and woman can attest to the camaraderie they experienced in the military, and sometimes when we depart, we find it difficult to connect with others as a civilian. This was no different for me when I was discharged in 2001.

During this service project, I felt comfortable and confident walking into a situation where I knew very few people. I attribute my confidence to knowing I’d be walking into a situation where most participants could relate to me in a different way. The collaboration of those who understand what I have been through as a veteran. It was an unexpected surprise for me to feel like I was, once again, among a group of comrades in the service.

Thanks, Team RWB and TR for hosting this event. I salute you!


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