Finding New Purpose in Rockport, Texas

Recent college graduate Will Garrison wasn't sure what to expect when he signed up to volunteer with Team Rubicon.

I didn’t know exactly what I signed up for when I threw my name in the hat with Team Rubicon about a month ago. I just knew I wanted to help folks suffering from the recent hurricanes and TR seemed to have great reputation.
I did not expect my experience with TR to be this life-changing

Though I had plans to travel across the US this fall, I felt there was nothing more important than reaching out to people in their time of need and easing some of the burdens of the long and arduous rebuilding process. I began searching the web for service organizations, and Team Rubicon seemed to be a good option. I researched the work they had done in the past and decided to join. I am incredibly thankful I did.

Though I have only served a few days, Team Rubicon has done nothing but surprise me. The level of dedication and responsibility ingrained in TR’s culture is astonishing, and the impact of their work on local homeowners is obvious.
The entire team at Team Rubicon are also some of the best I have ever met and had the privilege of working alongside.

In a few short days, my fellow volunteers have inspired and pushed me, all while having a good-hearted laugh. In fact, my work with TR has been so positive that I am planning to spend the rest of the month supporting their relief efforts in any way possible.

The privilege of serving with TR has created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am excited to return home and find ways to get plugged into local projects. I want to continue my service within my community.

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