I Found Family and Fulfillment in Texas

Navy veteran Jorge Valle's family was without power in Puerto Rico in the wake of Maria while he was serving those impacted by Harvey in Houston.

Hurricane Maria wasn’t on the radar when I volunteered to go to Houston – I just wanted to help. I’ve had several different jobs since the Navy, and in college, and didn’t feel fulfilled. I wanted to do something meaningful with my time. I thought I knew what to expect when I came to Texas, but this has been absolutely shocking.
Seeing the homeowners and hearing their experiences makes me appreciate life more. Their situation makes problems in my everyday life seem trivial.

I met a homeowner who was sad about what she’d lost, but she was still so positive. She knew things were going to get better. It’s a great example for all of us to see – that people can go through something like this and still be positive, grateful, and smile – it’s incredible.

I finally spoke to my mom in Puerto Rico 24 hours after Maria hit. The government told them to stay where they were until 6:00 pm that night. They were completely without power. It was just a matter of waiting.

Being in Texas made me realize that even though I wouldn’t be able to go to San Juan and help my family recover, if Team Rubicon responds, people I’ve never met will take care of my family just like I took care of families I don’t know in Houston.

They’ll be there in San Juan, just like we were there in Beaumont. Team Rubicon is family; this is the fulfillment I was searching for.

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