Displaying Flags in Beaver Crossing

Today was a day to be remembered for many years to come, as it may have been one of the best spent Memorial Days I have experienced.

While our crews went hard to work, I set out with my battle buddy, Nathan Reeves, who was down but not out from yesterday’s onsite injury. We had 20 American flags in tow and drove to the previous sites that had the most damage to post flags on their property, whether it be on the side of the house, a pile of rubble, or the lone tree that was the only standing object remaining on the property. To see the pictures that later came of today’s events moved not only our team here in Beaver Crossing, NE, but many people across TR Nation as well as the local citizens who’ve befriended Team Rubicon. I could think of no better way to spend this day of remembrance.

Our work today was cut out for us, and once again, our team attacked like a pack of wild dogs after some scraps as they wasted no time to get every bit of work they could muster. The town was merely silent, as the city workers and most citizens were taking the day off. Nonetheless, TR volunteers stayed in the field and utilized what little time we have left here in the community to get as much work done as we can.

Dinner tonight at the Mayor’s house was a testament to the hard work our team is putting in here, as well as the welcoming arms of this community as they see us doing all we can with our small team. There is just something about these small towns that make it hard to leave.

Written by Operation: Steam Wagon incident commander Rob Kugler






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