Dear Donors, You Are With Us.

Thank you.

Not the usual way to start, with the ending. But I am Australian, and we work different than you Americans, so I’ll start at the bottom.

I’m a volunteer with Team Rubicon Australia; A Greyshirt through and through. A heart that knows this world is destined for better things. A head that knows sometimes those things aren’t easy to find. A set of hands that will do the heavy lifting if they’re able. So for a few weeks in September I found myself in Texas, standing shoulder to shoulder, with people like me: Greyshirts. Why am I telling you this? Because my story IS your story. All the good I was able to be a part of is because of You.

The beast that is disaster recovery is costly. Team Rubicon has lifted the bar with Hurricane Harvey response. Since Harvey first hit, we have had hundreds of volunteers at one time in the field. Thousands of volunteers total from across the world, not just the United States. Almost 100,000 hours of work have been completed. Hundreds of houses have been assisted. Thousands of Texan lives changed.

It’s all because of You.

Donations made to Team Rubicon Australia will help when the disasters occur on our home soil, like when Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit in April of 2017, and will help us get flights to other parts of the world to support the Team Rubicon Network. But when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, donations flowed into Team Rubicon USA. Your dollar. Your donation. Your gift to others in their time of need. You paid for flights so volunteers could be shipped from around the country. You paid for gas in the fleets of vehicles that crisscrossed the water damaged streets of Texan towns. You paid for food that kept the teams fueled and focused on performing day after day. You paid for tools we used to help homeowners recover from water damage. In everything we did, You were there with us.

Your donation allowed us, allows us, to remain focused on helping others in their time of need. So for You, this Aussie will always be thankful.

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