2020 TRLC Award Winners – Apree Clicque receives ‘Impact’ Award

Mike Washington

Learn about the recipients of 2020’s TRLC Award Recipients here. Congratulations to our 'Impact Award' recipient Apree Clicque, serving out of the South Central region.

‘Impact’ Award – Apree Clicque (South Central Territory)

“As a therapist, I wanted to learn more about the military culture, which led me to Team Rubicon. What I was not expecting was to fall in love with that culture. Through Team Rubicon, I have met some of my closest friends and confidants. I firmly believe that feeling connected creates a sense of safety and purpose, and gives people the opportunity to have that sense of belonging. Getting to occasionally use a sledgehammer to work out frustrations does not hurt either! Stepping into leadership simply gave me more access and opportunity to create moments of connection and help fellow Greyshirts be part of this amazing organization. I am grateful to consider this group family.”


Apree is constantly helping people recognize how they can best contribute to the team. She is thoughtful about this and ensures we have a path forward invest in each other and to teach teammates how to recognize when it is time to change their socks. She is instrumental in sustaining our South-Central team. She goes beyond the standard “Buddy Check, over?” to check on teammates. She continues to persevere at improving the culture and readiness of her team.  
She goes above and beyond her role despite her full schedule as a fully employed student. No matter how big or small the task, Apree is there to Get Shit Done, thoughtfully. Along with family, work, and friends…you always know that we are a priority to Apree.  

A quick note from the field about Apree:

“Apree stepped into leadership and created a task force to ensure leaders and those who Get Shit Done in the field were recognized. As our tempo increased, she helped to sustain and grow the team, engaging new teammates to find ways for people to be useful and to show appreciation to those who earn it through their contributions to our mission. Between birthday cards, thank you cards, get better cards, care packages and training classes she has made an impact on each teammate.”

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