Training & Events

Skills x Service = Greater Impact.

When the next disaster comes, don’t be the person wishing you’d done more. Prepare for the operations happening now and the ones that are sure to come so you can multiply your impact when you step up to serve. If you’re looking to upskill, we’re ready to invest in you with free training and skill-sharpening events.

More Than Breaking in Your Boots.

  • Chainsaw Operations

    Cut through more muck and debris with chainsaw expertise critical for response and rebuild success.

  • Core Operations

    Organize the troops and give marching orders in the midst of disaster to ensure our team responds efficiently.

  • Damage Assessments

    Sharpen your critical eye when evaluating torn foundations and water damage to construct the best plan of action.

  • Instructor Training

    Those who respond, teach. Pass your baton and invaluable expertise to the next generation of Greyshirts.

  • ICS 300 & 400

    Weave through the Incident Command System swiftly and efficiently to track impending disasters and deploy a faster response.

  • Heavy Equipment Operations

    Learn to use essential building equipment like dozers and pavers to rebuild foundations and welcome displaced residents home faster.