Ramping Up The Impact with UA.

Through our multi-year partnership with Under Armour, they’ve helped us put millions of dollars into our unrestricted Ready Reserve Fund and put our mission in front of millions of faces. We’re able to respond at a moment's notice, transform how we serve, and scale operations to support the growing needs of communities around the globe thanks to their steadfast support.

867,114 individuals served

30,621 volunteers deployed

12 countries of operation (beyond the U.S.)

The Birth of a Powerful Partnership.

In their search for a global nonprofit with a mentality and mission that matched theirs, Under Armour found a kindred spirit in Team Rubicon. In the thick of our Hurricane Harvey response, we were introduced to founder Kevin Plank who, after just one phone call, said, “I want to see your operation on the ground, like, tomorrow.” He was there the next day.


That was back in 2017—the beginning of a rewarding multi-year partnership that continues to break boundaries of how we can serve and how many people we can help.

Our Alliance in Action.

Right from the jump, Under Armour and Team Rubicon hit a stride with integrated, innovative, and impactful work. Here are just a few ways the partnership has shown up in the field:

  • No Cameras. Lots of Action. TR’s unrestricted Ready Reserve Fund fuels operations that never make the news cycle. With a shared belief that disaster services should be equitably distributed, UA’s support means we can be there for people in communities big and small when they need us most.
  • Mobile Locker Rooms. Removing flood debris is one of the dirtiest jobs a person can do. That’s our 9-to-5 in communities across the country. Driven by the need to keep volunteers clean in austere environments, UA worked alongside us to develop our mission-critical Mobile Locker Room trailers. Better yet? These trailers have also doubled as command centers for our on-the-ground operational responses.
  • Official Grey Shirt Provider for TR International. Under Armour generously outfits our kickass International team in their signature grey shirts, ensuring team cohesion and TR brand recognition around the world.

Resolute Sentinel – Guatemala

Under Armour x Team Rubicon: It Matters



The Ripple Effect of Real Change.

Our partnership with Under Armour has supercharged Team Rubicon’s capabilities, propelling us to new heights in disaster relief and humanitarian work.

  • Thanks to UA, TR has been able to say “yes” without hesitation to large-scale national and international response efforts, including COVID-19, Afghan Resettlement, Hurricane Laura in the Gulf, low-attention disasters in Selma, AL, and many more. The long-term partnership has empowered us to serve over 865,000 individuals across all 50 states to date.
  • Leading from the front, UA was the founding corporate partner of our International program. Embodying TR’s vision for reimagining humanitarian efforts globally, UA initiated a multi-million dollar matching campaign, giving new donors a chance to double their impact.
  • A force multiplier for our International efforts, UA has made it possible for TR to serve people in 12 different countries since 2021. Our highly trained International teams don’t just respond; they also co-create programs and build capacity in local communities around the world.
  • Social media collaborations with celebrity ambassadors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lindsey Vonn have garnered millions of views as part of co-branded campaigns, and put our mission in front of countless new faces.