Choose To Go

January 13th marks the birth of Team Rubicon and a rally point to kick off another year of service. A day of action. A day of commitment. This is Go Day.

The History of Go Day

Fourteen years ago, a group of volunteers led by Team Rubicon co-founder Jake Wood chose to go serve the survivors of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. A quarter of a million people had died in the quake, and none of the original eight TR volunteers felt like saying “no” was an option. They had the means, they had the will, and they used their limited time and resources to do whatever they could to help—however they could. 

From this bias for action and realization that the skills and expertise of our nation’s veterans could continue to make an impact, Team Rubicon was born. Growing from eight volunteers to 160,000+ strong, serving vulnerable communities across the globe.

Every January 13th since, we commemorate that decision and celebrate the impact that saying “Yes” brings to people in need. We call this Go Day, a day of decisiveness, action, and service. Whoever you are, wherever you live, someone in your community needs someone to say “Yes, I will go.”  

Choose to GO. 

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Together, we can show up for communities far and wide, but we can’t do it alone. 

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