From Gratitude to Impact: Don’t Thank Us, Join Us This Veterans Day.

Embrace a higher calling this Veterans Day by supporting and serving alongside Team Rubicon. You’ll become part of a powerful force that restores hope, rebuilds communities, and embodies our veteran-rooted mentality of service over self.

Your Service Says A Thousand “Thank You”s.

We’ve seen the statistic: more than half of all veterans don’t like accepting praise for their service. They, like us, would prefer a collective shift in focus from words to actions.

It’s time to turn appreciation into tangible support. For Team Rubicon, that means Ready Reserve Fund donations and boots-on-the-ground volunteering to make a lasting impact in the lives of those affected by disasters.

Defying Disaster: Team Rubicon’s Unbreakable Resolve.

In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jake Wood and a determined band of seven volunteers leaped into action. This small team provided medical care to thousands of survivors, creating a new brand of humanitarian service based on the idea that we can always do more for communities in need.

Since that first pivotal mission, our veteran-led ranks have swelled to over 160,000 Greyshirts, executing 1,100+ operations across the globe. Veterans are the backbone of Team Rubicon. We provide veterans with training, supplies, and deployment expenses so they can showing up on people’s worst days to provide support and steadfast relief. 

This Veterans Day, let’s go beyond thanking veterans for their service to supporting their service.

We Have Work to Do. Will You Join Us?

Together, we can show up for communities far and wide, but we can’t do it alone. 

Join Our Efforts—Literally

Enroll in our ranks and unite with service-minded people in the pursuit of restoring calm after chaos. It all starts when you create your Roll Call volunteer profile.

Become a Greyshirt

Support Our Operations Financially

Your financial contributions propel our mission. Make a donation and empower Team Rubicon to continue providing crucial aid to those in crisis.



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