Release Notes

VMS Release 1.0.3 – 3/14/19

Help documentation is currently located at:

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  • New: Each event now has a mandatory “Event Hours” field, which should hold the number of hours students/volunteers are working total for the event. For example a one day five hour event would be 5 hrs, whereas a four day Chainsaw 2 Train the Trainer would be 32 (even if you’re there for 96 physical hrs).
  • New: Waitlisting is now working! – Volunteers can once again stack up on a Waitlist and will be automatically registered as vacancies occur.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue whereby the landing pages were showing outdated Pre-requisites which had been removed at some point.
  • Bug fix: The event calendar was prematurely removing items off the map/grids. Events should now persist a number of hrs after the event is completed. Past events are still available by switching the view to Last X months instead of Next X months.
  • Tweak: We’ve adjusted the “Email Attendees” option to use the BCC field instead of the TO field in order to help obfuscate email addresses.
  • Tweak: Added “Funding N/A” as an option the regional/national Finance reps can use in their review process.
  • Tweak: Defaulted the event end date to be the same as the event start date to help save a few clicks in most cases.
  • Tweak: The workflows which trigger an email to the event Reps have had some additional conditions added as some events were slipping through the cracks.
  • Tweak: Added the Metro field as well as a hyperlink to the person’s CSOD Transcript to the Event Registration Associated view for easier vetting! To make it clickable, be sure to click Show as -> Read-only Grid.


  • Tweak: A link to the Event Instructors views has been added under Settings -> Events area:
  • Bug fix: After release some users reported issues when registering for events, but those issues have been resolved.

Things we’re working on:

  • Some event emails are getting blocked and therefore logs/comms/finance/training Reps aren’t receiving the normal notification. We’re checking to see what the problem is, but meanwhile recommend using a custom view to see whatever info you need to stay on top of what’s going on in your area. Please hit me up if you’d like some assistance creating a custom view!
  • Investigating options to add the sender to a “Reply-to” field when emailing from within an event, in this way the attendees can reply back to a human instead of those messages going into the void.


VMS Release 1.0.2 – 1/28/19


  • No more Captcha for volunteers signing up for events!
  • TR Qualification Engine – Allows us to automate the granting of TR Qualifications rather than manually adding by hand, perfect for qualifications which hundreds of training-thirsty Greyshirts have conquered such as Sawyer 1, Core Ops, etc.
  • Email from within Event – Just highlight the volunteers on the left (1), then click the “Email Selected” button to email them directly from the event (2)
  • Rich text editing – allows for hyperlinks, bulleted lists, bolding/italicizing, alignment and other editor features in the Event Description and Session Details fields of the event landing pages

  • Projects now an Event Type with new sub-types – We are moving Projects out of Member Engagement and into their own category. In addition, the following subcategories will be added:
    • Mitigation Projects – Example: non-imminent sandbagging, log erosion barriers, fire mitigation
    • Recovery Projects / Response Projects – For incident related projects that don’t meet the recommended impact to cost ratios to mount an Operation. Examples – Single home muckouts, low impact route clearance, single day debris management, imminent sandbagging, etc
    • Preparedness Projects – Examples – Firewood for the needy, smoke detector installation, community disaster awareness, etc
    • Community Project – Examples – Wreath laying, flag-planting, etc
    • Individual Assistance Project – Examples – Wheelchair ramp builds, Habitat 4 Humanity builds, misc help of individuals with unmet needs, etc

Note: Existing service project events will have their Type\Subtypes changed from Member Engagement\Projects to Projects\(blank). Territories are encouraged to eventually adjust past events to match the most accurate subtype.

  • Event Instructor changes:
    • A notification will now be sent to any newly-added Instructors on an Event.
    • Training leaders will now be able to indicate Primary vs Secondary instructors for the Event. Event Leads may also choose to edit their historic events to add this information.

Note: In order for Instructors to be aware of location/date/time changes to an Event, it is recommended they also be added as registrants to take advantage of the automated calendar invite notifications, then remove them once the event is complete (Optional).

  • Event Approver changes:
    • The role required to Complete or Publish events was lowered from Approver level 2 to Approver level 1.
    • A workflow was added that will notify the level 2 approver if an event is Published prior to being Approved (which is normal, we just for a 2nd person to have situational awareness).
    • The permission to delete pre-reqs from an event was granted to event Leads.
  • Hierarchy view added to the Contact records – This allows for an automatic Org Chart using the Contact records. To use, just click the hierarchy icon wherever you see it: 



  • (Master List Editors) Ability to update metros for multiple Contacts based on their zip code without having to drill into individual records – Just create a view with the contacts you want, select some/all, click Run Workflow then choose Run Metro Check

  • Added the Associated view to the TR Qualifications pages for easier export.
  • Several existing views were adjusted to add more relevant information.
  • Field level security was added to several fields to grant visibility to only those who have need for it (Age and DOB fields for example).
  • Finance/Logs/Comms/Training reps were removed from Events set to National approval level.


VMS Release 1.0.1 – 12/19/18

  • Added Features
    • PEX Field Updates
      • Made PEX cardholders, PEX details and PEX funding date required fields if PEX > $0 per request
    • Additional Links Added
      • Many links were added in places to make it easier to navigate between the VMS and new Roll Call portal
    • Added columns to Skills & Experience
      • Added several columns to Skills & Experience views per request
    • Submitter vs Event Lead permissions
      • Permissions were adjusted to allow a submitter to append any other User as the event lead
  • Bug Fixes
    • Adjusting new portal address wipes out CSOD position/manager
      • There was a bug in a plugin causing people’s position and manager to be blanked out in CSOD if they updated their address in the new Roll Call portal. The bug is fixed however affected users may still need to have their position reinstated to recover CSOD permissions.
    • Event email invites off by 1, 2 or 4 hrs
      • The server sending the event invitations is set to Central time and therefore people in other time zones were seeing event invites off by 1, 2 or 4 hrs depending on the time difference. A workflow was added to offset the time by the correct amount so it should now match up with the correct time.
    • Email to Level 1 approver not sent
      • If event submitters mark the “Submit for Approval” box prior to ever saving the event, the initial email to the level 1 Approver is likely to not go out (since there’s no name in the box yet at the time it tries to send). We have added a business rule to ensure there’s a name in the Approver 1 box prior to being able to check the Submit for Approval checkbox (should show up after the first save).
    • Echelon and Functional Roles
      • Added fields to the Contact record to track volunteer leader echelon, functional roles, and instructor specializations. These then automatically sync to the User record and can be seen in the hierarchy view (auto org chart).
    • Home Depot fields moved
      • Recently the decision was made to use PEX funding for event-related Home Depot purchases so the fields were moved to the Pex area of the form and all related workflows were updated.
    • POC’s not updating
      • POC’s which were changed in the VMS were not reflecting properly in the user portal. A change to the server side was made which fixed it.
    • Clutter reduction
      • As we receive feedback we are reducing the amount of Views the system has in order to reduce clutter. Many views from the User and Event entities have been removed.
    • Event grid showing incorrect results
      • The event grid (not calendar) view of the published events did not have the updated values and therefore was not showing all available events. It has been corrected.
    • Ability to delete pre-reqs
      • Base users had the abillity to add a pre-req but not delete one, which has now been fixed.
    • Skills & Experience visible to all Roles
      • Adjusted permissions so Skills & Experience were available to all roles.
    • New roles added
      • Additional roles were added to the User functional role dropdown.