Foundational Understanding  

We’ve got some great news! This November, TR will launch the first version of its brand spanking new Volunteer Management System.

Based on our bold vision to be a leading nonprofit in the use of digital technology to engage volunteers, the first VMS you will use sets the bar high. It includes functionality to revolutionize how we create and manage volunteer events, as well as how new volunteers and active Greyshirts experience TR online and onsite at events.

Based on Microsoft’s Office and Dynamics 365 software, the VMS puts one version of the Volunteer’s “truth” at your fingertips, in addition to giving us all automated workflow and reporting we’ve not had in our history.

Recently, a group of VLs and Regional Staff huddled in Denver to learn and test the system. Here’s a summary of what they wanted to share with the rest of the TRibe:


VMS Talking Points 

What’s in VMS for new volunteers and Greyshirts?

  1. A redesigned and volunteer-friendly sign-up portal (aka, Roll Call)
  2. Ability to see and explore events nationwide and near you
  3. An instant and embedded waiver form (Goodbye Smart Waiver)
  4. Visible points of contact for Leaders and Volunteers
  5. Easy to update address, non-TR credentials, as well as other personal information (automatic region update!)
  6. Get the information you want through customized notifications
  7. All of my data and history from Roll Call, Cornerstone, and Regional Events in one organized, accessible place

What’s in VMS for Staff and Volunteer Leaders?

  1. All in one event creation and automated approval process – it eliminates event and session confusion
  2. Automated, “no touch” waivers
  3. Advanced search of records across volunteers, events, and eventually more
  4. Central contact system to find fellow VLs and POCs for questions
  5. Reporting at your fingertips
  6. RIP Google sheets
  7. On-demand training – we’re making training videos, bring popcorn



It’s coming! Keep your eyes peeled.